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A Win!
In the end, the board voted 3-2 to simply not have a sexual health curriculum requirement, outside of a Growth and Development class offered as part of 5th grade Biology.
WA State School Cuts Sex-Ed From Curric.
"The teacher did not insist the student cease present-ing as one gender or the other [or] cease using the pronoun of the student’s choice. The teacher simply refused a command to speak words he believed ... to be untrue. And, for that, he lost his job."
VA Teacher Sues High School that Fired Him
In Georgia, Parents Win Battle Over Transgender Bathrooms at School
A Win!

No child was ever

born in the wrong body.

Sex-Ed & Child Development

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Equality Loudoun is working hard to round up activists to hold up signs and speak in favor of raunchy books, claiming that to not support these kinds of explicit materials is to be against diversity!


     October 22; 6:15pm

     School Administration Bldg.

     21000 Education Court,       

     Ashburn, VA 20148

Please support Loudoun County parents by showing up to the school board meeting by 6:15PM wearing a green shirt.

APS buried this eight (8!) links deep inside the Engage with APS Page. But we dug it up for you.
J-2 Transgender Student PIP
The Arlington Parent Coalition (APC) is a diverse group of Arlington Public School parents and community members, who are committed to safeguarding parents' rights to raise their children according to their family's values and beliefs.
APC is not affiliated with any faith, nationality, race, or creed. 
Mission Statement

Arlington Parent Coalition (APC) is a group of parents, Arlington Public School staff, & community members in Arlington, VA, seeking policies in Arlington Public Schools which take into account the diversity of families living in Arlington. APC promotes APS policies which respect parents' constitutional right to maintain responsibility and authority over their children and their children's education, and to raise children according to the family's values. We affirm that

  1. parents are ultimately responsible for the care and well-being of their children and therefore should be free from intrusive government involvement.​

  2. the role and jurisdiction of government is clearly prescribed by our Constitution and consequently should be restrained from excessive involvement in the lives of citizens.

  3. the right of conscience and the right to practice faith according to personal beliefs are sacred and should neither be infringed upon nor denied.


The Arlington Parent Coalition was created on March 2, 2019, following the February 25, 2019 School Board Working Group meeting at Syphax Education Center, wherein policy issues regarding gender dysphoric students were discussed by a group of gender dysphoric students, adult representatives from a local gender identity special interest group, and selected school staff members. Approximately 15 work group members appeared to be in unanimous agreement with the agenda put forward by the special interest group, which includes mandating a number of controversial programs and policies.

No voices of dissent, question, or concern were present at the table, and all research and ideation appears to come from solely transgender & queer resources and advocates.


The Arlington Parent Coalition seeks to involve a more representative selection of voices at the table as the APS school board moves forward on these policies and PIPs. APC also works to support parents as they seek to keep their children safe in public school.

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