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Parent Reports

Parents/Guardians are invited to submit reports (click graphic below to access report) about their and their children's experiences with transgender issues and other policies at school.

APC will select responses to add to the gallery below the survey graphic.

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My child is on the autism spectrum and has an IEP. I had a very good relationship with every Special Ed team from elementary through middle school. They implemented every suggestion I made and told me what a good advocate I was for my child and how easy it was to work with me. Then my child was invited to the GSA club in seventh grade, and soon after announced a transgender identity out of the blue with never a hint before of discomfort with gender or identity. When I didn't jump on board with immediate transition and preferred pronouns and new name, suddenly I was no longer a respected part of the school team. I was labeled 'unsupportive.' Teachers and counselors affirmed my child's trans identity behind my back, utilizing pronouns I did not affirm were acceptable for them to use. They were deceptive and they drove a wedge between my child and me, labeling themselves 'supportive' and our family a threat."

--Arlington Public Schools, VA

"I overheard my child being taught about gender - that there are male and female and some people have no gender." 

--Arlington Public Schools, VA

Early Elementary (Grades 1-3)

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