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Photos of Transgender Surgeries

CAUTION: Disturbing and/or Explicit (Scroll Down to View)

The photos on this page are from "gender transition" surgeries. When doctors, therapists, schools, or parents affirm someone's gender transition, these are things that the gender dysphoric person is being led to have done to his or her body. Mutilating a healthy, functional body is never loving, kind, or supportive.

If schools want to teach and encourage gender transition, these consequences should be presented as well.

"Top Surgery" (Double Mastectomy)

This girl had her breasts removed in order to present as a boy. Nipples are cut off and repositioned. They may become infected or fail to reattach, so they may be discarded, as here.

Johanna Olsen-Kennedy, a leading gender therapist, said that if girls want breasts again later, they can "go get them." But simulated breasts will not have feeling or the ability to feed a baby.

Top Surgery.jpg


for Female-to-Male "Bottom Surgery"

A section of the forearm was removed to create a simulated phallis (penis). Complications with this procedure are common, and patients often report that they never regain full use of their arms/hands.

Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 9.59.59 AM.png

Phalloplasty material taken

from the patient's legs. (Post Healing)

A refreshingly honest assessment of mastectomy risk from a doctor.

Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 11.06.08

Transwoman Rene Jax says this about top surgery: "The fact that so many transmen have had this surgery, but so few post the results online, speaks volumes about the overall results you will receive. Here are pictures of some of the more typical surgical results."

Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 10.09.31
Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 11.15.07
We will not post pictures of sex-reassigned genitals here. Not only are they inappropriate for viewing, they are also stomach-turning. Simulated genitals do not approximate natural genitals in any meaningful way. If you are interested in seeing what these appendages look like, a Google search will serve you.
Keep in mind that simulated genitals do not function well, either for urination or for sexual activity. The surgically-created vagina must be kept open for the rest of the patient's life by daily inserting a dilator, because it is essentially no more than a wound the body tries forever to heal. The surgically-attached penis must be inflated with a pump in order to function as a sex organ.
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