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Parent Pack

Please find here resources and guides for protecting your children in public schools. Thank you for your continued vigilance and all you do to safeguard our nation's children
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Keeping Your Child Safe in Public School
This article outlines measures parents can take to attempt to prevent their children being exposed to controversial/unacceptable material at school.
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If Your Child Says S/he's Transgender
This article offers insights, suggestions, and resources for parents who question and/or are not comfortable with the transition-affirmation model of response.
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Parenting Siblings of Transgender- Identified Children
This article offers insights, suggestions, and resources for guiding and supporting the siblings of transgender-identified children, who may have very specific and individualized needs.
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Finding a Gender-Critical Therapist
This article offers suggestions for finding and vetting potential therapists for a gender-confused or gender-dysphoric child, with an eye toward finding a mental health professional who will not blindly affirm gender transition.
Relevant Events at APS
This spreadsheet contains information about FLE, policy, & sex-ed activism events in APS. It is organized alphabetically by school, and covers the last 2-3 years.
Universal Opt-Out Letter
This sample letter instructs your school/principal/teacher(s) to remove your child from any instruction involving FLE & SOGI Curriculum/Topics
Teacher Curriculum Request Letter
This sample letter requests that your child's teacher(s) provide syllabus/curriculum/materials for your advance review.

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Stay Involved & Aware

Advocacy Etiquette

Be positive & respectful. Affirm that everyone involved wants what's best for their children/students. Remember that we all have legitimate reasons for our beliefs.

Stick to facts. Refrain from name-calling or character slurs, and avoid generalizations, stereotyping, and opinion-based arguments.

Remain patient and calm. If you feel yourself becoming angry, it's best to step back and/or remove yourself for a time rather than say or do something you may regret later.

More on Gracious Engagement.

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