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Women's Liberation Front
endorses the Parent Resource Guide
All parents can make use of this Parent Resource Guide, regardless of worldview or political stance. Science and reason informed the development of this guide, both of which provide solid common ground among people of all faiths and political allegiances.
Parents are the primary educators of their children. Though they may choose to entrust their child to a public school, parents are ultimately responsible for overseeing their children's education....
Students who identify as transgender deserve the same educational opportunities and resources as their peers and should be treated with respect. Schools must adopt truthful, compassionate, common sense policy solutions that do not threaten the privacy, safety, and dignity of any student.
The goal of this Guide is to protect students from harm stemming from irreversible treatments, privacy violations, and compelled speech, to educate parents about the transgender issue, and to equip parents to advocate on their child's behalf.
What's Happening in APS & the DMV
Homeschool Information & Bartholet Rebuttals
Homeschool Information & Bartholet Rebuttals
GSA Kids Teaching in FLE Classes
Last week the Arlington Parent Coalition (APC) contacted Dr. Gregg Robertson, principal at Washington-Liberty High School, after learning from a student there that kids from the school’s Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA) club have been giving gender and sexuality presentations during health classes, and in at least one case in Spanish during a HILT (High Impact Language Training) class for immigrant students.
MCPS LGBTQ History Class
“It’s a history focus but it also has current issues that are really relevant to the LGBTQ community,” said Siobhan Alexander, a curriculum implementation director with the school system.

Alexander said the curriculum for the course is being “co-created” by teachers and students.
Oakridge Teaches Gender Lessons
Public School Assembly Tells Kids That Sex Changes Are Perfectly Normal
School Assembly Tells Kids That Sex Changes Are Perfectly Normal
9th Graders Shown Sex-Pleasure Video
Teacher Fired For Pronoun Non-Use
Peter Vlaming, a high school French teacher from West Point, Virginia, was fired for electing not to use opposite-sex pronouns with a transgender student, which he considered a breach of his conscience. He is suing the school system.
Explicit Books in Classes/Libraries
The new pop-culture genre of books is all-LGBTQ and all-sex, and schools have brought them into classrooms and libraries, from pre-K through 12. If your child is in public school, s/he has likely been exposed to these.
Transgender TED Talk Shown (Swanson)
A teacher at Swanson Middle School showed her 6th grade STAR class a video from Mermaids CEO Susie Green. The video is intended for parents of transgender children and is wholly inappropriate for school and for middle school children.
Kindergartners Are Read a Trans Book
Ashlawn Elementary brought in a transgender activist who read the transgender storybook "I Am Jazz" to two classes of kindergartners without parental approval. Kids were taught that biology has no relationship to being male or female.
Sub Training On Abuse 90% LGBTQ+
A substitute who underwent APS training reported to APC that 8 of 11 slides during the abuse awareness and reporting presentation related solely to LGBTQ+ issues.
APS Indoctrinates Kids On Gender
Two Arlington parents discover that APS is indoctrinating children re. gender ideology and launching a Policy Implementation Procedure to make it easier to do so with less interference from parents.
Quiz: Transgender or Not?
How can one know if a child is really transgender? The answer isn't as cut-and-dried as it may seem.
APS FLE Program Not Compliant
The APS FLE Program Is Out of Compliance With VA DOE Requirements
Gender Training in 7th Gr. English
APS teachers get around the state opt-out form by have counselors teach sex and gender ed during core classes. In this event at Swanson a student was not permitted to excuse himself, even though he knew his parents would not want him involved in this lesson.
LGBTQ+ Every Month in School
The LGBTQ+ calendar of events at APS is overwhelmingly comprehensive.
Arlington Parents Deplatformed
Arlington Parent Coalition's petition asking APS to postpone their policy vote until all concerned members could give input is deleted within 24 hours by the petition's host, Care2, without explanation.
Developmentally Inappropriate Sex Ed
The sex ed curriculum packages being created by organizations like SIECUS and Planned Parenthood and used by teachers throughout the US is not developmentally appropriate for children.
APS & AGIA Collaborate Alone
A Freedom of Information Act request reveals +30 emails between APS and the Arlington Gender Identity Allies between September 2018 and June 2019, as they unilaterally created policy for APS students.
APS Taught Your Kids This
Gender ideology indoctrination is being implemented in APS, as evidenced by teachers giving LGBTQ+ vocabulary quizzes and teaching children that what their parents taught them about their sexuality and biology cannot be trusted.
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News About Sex & Gender Politics
Gender-Affirming Wrong
Gender-Affirming Wrong
The Department of Justice Files Statement of Interest Defending the Constitutionality of Idaho’s Fai
The Department of Justice Files Statement of Interest Defending the Constitutionality of Idaho’s Fairness in Women’s Sports Act
How ‘peer contagion’ may play into the rise of teen girls transitioning
How ‘peer contagion’ may play into the rise of teen girls transitioning
Martine Rothblatt: A Founding Father of the Transgender Empire
Martine Rothblatt: A Founding Father of the Transgender Empire
Jenn Smith Calls for National Inquiries into mass gender transitioning of Vulnerable Kids
Jenn Smith Calls for National Inquiries into mass gender transitioning of Vulnerable Kids
Idaho Protects Women's Sports
Idaho Protects Women's Sports
WPATH: Bias, Not Evidence
The concept of an innate gender identity is unproven, unverifiable, and does not even have a clear definition. In the same spirit of historical psychiatric misadventures, somatic treatments are being prescribed for a psychologically based identity disorder. How many vulnerable children, adolescents and young adults will be harmed before we realize that history is repeating itself.
NJ Parents Fight Transgender Agenda
NJ Parents Fight Trans Agenda in Schools
Another Flawed Gender Study
"The authors seem to admit that if children can choose to change from one gender to another, they can choose to change back.

"But this finding contradicts the first two findings of the study: If transgender children are so confident in their supposed gender identity, how did the researchers discover that these same children may 'identify' as something different later on?"
Why I Resigned From Tavistock
"I have learned, through long experience with managing clinical areas in the National Health Service, that such efforts to dismiss or discredit serious concerns about a service or clinical approach typically are driven by those seeking to evade accountability and shield their methods from criticism. Such a defensive, self-serving approach would be dangerous and objectionable..."
Transgender Patients/Psy. Disorders
NIH study shows that transgender patients have significantly increased incidences of psychiatric disorders.
Academic/Author Regrets Sex Change
Richard Hoskins Regrets Sex Change & Detransitions. Says we must start telling the truth about transgenderism.
My Child ID'd as Transgender
7 Things I've Learned Since My Child Identified As Transgender
No Platform For Gender Critics
"The Gender Critical Justice League is circulating a petition that states that the Women’s Liberation Front “... has booked an event at the Seattle Public Library with the express purpose of arguing against the right of transgender people to live as their true selves,” and that they are '... using the library, a public venue, to spread hate against transgender people.'

Yes, seriously: All this outrage over a group of women, in a library, talking."
"Conversion-Therapy" Bans Do Harm
Study: Men Have Physical Advantages
A study from New Zealand confirms the common sense that most people already understood: men possess numerous physical advantages over women and should not compete against them in most sports.
Risks of Medicalization of Kids
Michael K. Laidlaw, MD, is an Endocrinologist practicing in Rocklin, CA. Dr. Laidlaw graduated from University of Southern California School of Medicine in 2001 and has been in practice for 18 years. He explained the dangers of radical new transition-affirming therapies for children with gender dysphoria.
HRC's "Welcoming Schools" Curricula
The Human Rights Campaign (the funding and PAC arm of the LGBTQ movement) has created its own curricula which teachers and counselors use in schools to facilitate sexuality training. It's couched under the "anti-bullying" umbrella, but it's simply LGBTQ+ propaganda.
Planned Parenthood Sex Curricula
Planned Parenthood has created professional and attractive curricula and videos for educators to simply plug-and-play in their classes. They are egregious proponents of more, earlier, and riskier sex.
Outrageous Sex Ed Adopted in CA
The Sexuality Information & Education Council of the US creates its Comprehensive Sex Ed guidelines, which are adopted for California Public Schools' sex ed curriculum WITHOUT OPT-OUT. Asked if APS is looking at this curriculum, Deborah DeFranco (supervisor of FLE) said, "We're not looking at that yet." Yet.
ACPeds: Gender Id. Harms Kids
The American College of Pediatricians publishes their statement regarding the harms of gender ideology to children.
Maya Forstater
A woman in the UK loses her job and the subsequent employment tribunal because she believes that people cannot change sex.
Gender Critical Women Attacked
"Disagreement over sex and gender have cleaved the feminist community between those who believe that biological sex is immutable, and those who believe that transitioning sex to align body with brain is not only possible, but a legally binding marker of identity. Courts, social-services organizations and schools all have been pushed to adopt the most doctrinaire precepts of trans-rights advocacy."
Queer Kid Stuff YouTube Channel
Praised by the likes of Huffington Post and Teen Vogue, Riley Dennis teaches kids as young as three years old all about becoming trans.
Consent Lowered to 14 in MA & RI
Consent Age in MA and RI drops to 14 if Touching by Adults in Positions of Authority Doesn’t “Penetrate” the Child —Here’s What You Need to Know.
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What Can APC Help You With?
The Arlington Parent Coalition (APC) is a diverse group of Arlington Public School parents and community members, who are committed to safeguarding parents' rights to raise their children according to their family's values and beliefs.
APC is not affiliated with any faith, nationality, race, or creed. 
Mission Statement

Arlington Parent Coalition (APC) is a group of parents, Arlington Public School staff, & community members in Arlington, VA, seeking policies in Arlington Public Schools which take into account the diversity of families living in Arlington. APC promotes APS policies which respect parents' constitutional right to maintain responsibility and authority over their children and their children's education, and to raise children according to the family's values. We affirm that

  1. parents are ultimately responsible for the care and well-being of their children and therefore should be free from intrusive government involvement.​

  2. the role and jurisdiction of government is clearly prescribed by our Constitution and consequently should be restrained from excessive involvement in the lives of citizens.

  3. the right of conscience and the right to practice faith according to personal beliefs are sacred and should neither be infringed upon nor denied.


The Arlington Parent Coalition was created on March 2, 2019, following the February 25, 2019 School Board Working Group meeting at Syphax Education Center, wherein policy issues regarding gender dysphoric students were discussed by a group of gender dysphoric students, adult representatives from a local gender identity special interest group, and selected school staff members. Approximately 15 work group members appeared to be in unanimous agreement with the agenda put forward by the special interest group, which includes mandating a number of controversial programs and policies.

No voices of dissent, question, or concern were present at the table, and all research and ideation appears to come from solely transgender & queer resources and advocates.


The Arlington Parent Coalition seeks to involve a more representative selection of voices at the table as the APS school board moves forward on these policies and PIPs. APC also works to support parents as they seek to keep their children safe in public school.

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