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It Happened in APS

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Students from Yorktown's GSA Club gave instruction on gender & sexuality in a 9th grade health class. Not only were the students not qualified per APS standards to present curriculum instruction, the material was not vetted by teachers or supervisors and no opt-out or prior information about the presentation was given to parents.

(In 2020, it's happening at Washington-Liberty.)

View PowerPoint PDF.

APS gives trainings like this one to teachers and staff, utilizing resources from organizations like White Privilege Conference, Edutopia, Social Justice Training Institute, and Welcoming Schools, all of which play fast and loose with facts on controversial subjects like transgenderism, and which have worldviews that contradict those of many families and individuals.

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Relevant Events at APS
This spreadsheet contains information about FLE, policy, & sex-ed activism events in APS. It is organized alphabetically by school, and covers the last 2-3 years.
Don't tell your parents!
(We certainly won't.)
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Here's Exactly Why the APS Default Sex-Ed Opt-Out Form Is Useless

A counselor taught a lesson on "Gender Harrassment" to 7th graders during English class, using a video that is unavailable to parents without a licensing code, and refused to allow a student to quietly excuse himself.

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Gunston Middle School ESL Class

This handout came home and outraged the parent who found it in her child's folder. This is a perfect example of how APS is funneling transgender propaganda into classes that should have nothing to do with sexuality or family life education. Classic indoctrination technique.


Gender Indoctrination at Oakridge Elementary

The MOSAIC teacher at Oakridge taught a gender identity unit to 4th and 5th graders with no warning to parents and no opt-out offered.


Yes, They Taught Your Kids This

This APC blog post reveals what was taught in a 9th grade class at APS, utilizing materials like Gender Unicorns and LGBTQ+ Vocab Lists & Quizzes

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Ashlawn Elementary School hosted two transgender activists who read the transgender storybook "I Am Jazz" to two classes of kindergartners. No opt-out was offered to parents. (February 28, 2019) Read Ashlawn's disingenuously celebratory announcement letter (scroll to bottom of page) which went home less than a week ahead in English only.


LGBTQ Events Celebrated Near-Constantly APS schools celebrate homosexuality and transgenderism as intensively as they prohibit references to Christmas or Easter. Barely a month goes by without a special event, activity, or "Day Of" in which children are pressured to participate regardless of their or their families' perspective.

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