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While this petition failed to convince APS to postpone adoption of the PIP, it  provided valuable commentary and evidence of the numbers of parents and community members who are opposed to these policies. Comments have closed. (August 19, 2019)

Petition to Postpone APS J-2 PIP

Requesting Inclusion, Impartiality, & Equal Treatment from APS

Dear Superintendent Murphy and APS Board Members,


We are asking for inclusion and equal treatment in the development of the J-2 PIP.  Since APS has been meeting with the Arlington Gender Identity Allies (AGIA) since September but only giving the public from May 28th – June 11th to provide input, we ask that you delay the vote to ensure due process and a transparent, fair, fully vetted (not one-sided) and un-biased policy that protects ALL APS students.


Two of the most concerning issues are the violation of parental rights since “school staff shall not disclose any information that may reveal a student’s transgender or gender non-conforming status to others INCLUDING PARENTS or guardians”, not notifying parents of potential mixed gender overnights, and the Title IX implications for biological girls in light of the biological differences between the sexes and how APS intends to ensure that girls sports remain fair and safe.


Please delay the vote and implementation of the J-2 Transgender Students PIP until a quantifiable study has been conducted as to how the Arlington Community feels about the policy and such time as other groups can be given equal time to provide input. We are asking for inclusion, impartiality, and equal consideration in the policy development process. 



To sign, please enter your name and location (if outside Arlington). A comment is required to post, but if you have nothing to add, simply type a period (.) to sign.


If you feel uncomfortable listing your full name, your first name and last initial is acceptable. Your email address is required, but will not be made publicly visible.


Your privacy, safety and trust are important to us.

Note: If comments oppositional to the petition are left, they will be removed, as it would be unfair to inflate the petition numbers with comments from people who do not understand what they are signing.

Results of APS Student Survey


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