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FOIA Emails (APS & AGIA)

Updated: May 14, 2019

APC's second FOIA request, for communication about the J-2 PIP between APS and anyone outside APS, resulted in 30 pages of correspondence between APS and AGIA (Arlington Gender Identity Allies). Here's the full document.


*APS has been working actively and exclusively with AGIA on this PIP since at least September 2018. [page 1, dated September 18, 2018]

*AGIA has been invited to at least one meeting (March 6, 2019) that APS told APC parents was only for APS staff. [page 30, dated March 6, 2019] *When school board member Barbara Kanninen indicated that teachers needed to be involved in the creation of the PIP, AGIA sent to APS the name of a single teacher, who is one of their members and who has two gender non-conforming children, to check that box. [pages 23 & 24, dated March 1, 2019 & March 5, 2019, respectively]

*The school board indicated a desire to slow down the timeline on developing this PIP. AGIA disagreed and continues to push for adoption in the 2019-20 school year. [page 23, dated March 1, 2019]

*AGIA cited a Harris Poll that puts transgender millennials at 12% of the population. Harris Polls is a self-written, online, for-profit, survey-and-reward marketing system, and can hardly be considered research. [page 25, undated]

*The J-2 PIP currently in development is described as the first step toward a two-year plan to develop a more detailed and full-service transgender/gender-nonconforming policy. [page 21, dated February 22, 2019]

*AGIA cited "factual inaccuracies and misleading statements" in Maria Keffler's Washington Post op-ed (April 7, 2019). An APS staff member repeated AGIA's words in an email to APC. At the time of this writing neither entity has explained what was found inaccurate or misleading about Keffler's op-ed [page 38, dated April 7, 2019]

The entire email exchange is posted here for your consideration.


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