Model Policies for the Treatment of Transgender Students in Virginia’s Public Schools

December 28, 2020

Dear Arlington Parent Coalition members,

On Tuesday, December 15th two transgender rights groups held an organizational video call with 135 activists and Governor Northam’s wife to discuss how they would bring all 160 school districts in the Commonwealth of Virginia into line with their demands. The “Virtual Town Hall” was sponsored by Equality Virginia and Side-by-Side, and a recording of the meeting can be watched here.

Arlington Public Schools served as the laboratory for how to roll out transgender accommodations while the LBGTQ activists silenced opposition. Now, these policies and practices serve as the model for how to indoctrinate kindergartners through high school students throughout Virginia. Parents, take notice.

As APS passed non-discrimination language on gender identity in 2015, then proceeded to pass extensive policy implementation procedures in 2019, and most recent guidelines on accommodating transgender students, so now the Virginia Department of Education (DoE) is outlining expansive guidelines that all 160 school districts will be compelled to implement as a minimum standard. On the call, the transgender activists asked that local school boards that do not adopt the Virginia DoE guidelines be reported to them so that additional pressure may be brought to bear on local officials. Parents, take notice.

An open comment will take place from January 4, 2021 to February 3, 2021 regarding Model Policies for the Treatment of Transgender Students in Virginia’s Public Schools. Members of APC are alarmed at the blatant disregard this policy has for parental rights, the loss of protected single-sex spaces for the safety and privacy of our daughters, as well as the lack of first amendment protections for teachers and administrators who may disagree with the guidance, and the policies' failure to protect the children they claim to serve.

Sadly, the situation for our public schools is very grim as the current one-party system leaves no room for debate or dissent. In the current environment, there is little that can stop the ideological indoctrination and sexualization of our children. So, more than ever, parents MUST assert their rights and their authority. In every situation that Arlington school children have been protected, it is because parents have held teachers and administrators accountable and made it clear that they would not tolerate the ideological or progressive sexual agenda of the school system.

Please watch for an email from us on January 3rd with instructions on how and where to respond to this attack on parental rights. In addition, we’ll remind you of the tools at your disposal to help protect your children.

We wish you a happy and peaceful holiday season.

Arlington Parent Coalition