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Not In Favor Of Your Kids Celebrating Sex at School? You Might Want to Be Aware…

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

On Tuesday Virginia went all blue. Fairfax County Public Schools dumped the only two school board members who weren’t in favor of more sex, earlier sex, and deviant sex for Fairfax schoolchildren, and voters there elected Karl Frisch—a longtime political strategist and LGBTQ activist who is not even a parent—over a candidate who has kids in the schools and who espouses more traditional sexual mores.

Here in Arlington no one even challenged Reid Goldstein’s seat on the APS school board.

The culture has spoken, and if we’re not in favor of its seedy plans, we’re in for a knock-down-drag-out fight to keep our kids safe from the sexualization agenda that’s already being hustled into place.

You may not realize that many of our kids already celebrated the following “special events” since school began in September:

Banned Books Week, Sept. 22-28, 2019: During this week many school libraries put up displays featuring books that have been challenged in communities, often for good reason. High-quality, contemporary books are becoming quite rare. School and public libraries are stocking shelves with obscene, misleading, pro-homosexuality child- and youth-targeted books that wallow in vulgarity. These “award-winning” books are often depressing tales of mental illness, sexual depravity, gender rebellion, drugs, alcohol, incest, and abuse. Many (but not all) librarians defend this trash.

Ally Week, September 23-27 sponsored by GLSEN: “Bisexual Awareness Day” is the first day of this special week, September 23. Throughout Ally Week, children are pressured to become sycophants/wingmen for students and teachers who identify as LGBTQ. It’s peer-pressured, mob mentality that promotes mindless acceptance while isolating and marginalizing those who decline, labeling them “haters” and “bigots.” This is pure, blatant discrimination.

LGBTQ History Month, the entire month of October: This is an effort to cast homosexuals and gender rebels as heroes. Such lessons take reckless liberties with the truth about selected figures from history who claimed no such identities, such as George Washington Carver, Florence Nightingale, famed composer Tchaikovsky, and several of our past presidents.

Coming-Out Day, October 11: This is the day for those with LGBTQ preferences to publicly declare their attractions. Kids are urged to come out at school, specifically on this day. Those who announce LGBTQ identity receive attention, accolades, and warm fuzzies.

Those who don’t? “Are you an ally or not?”

International Pronouns Day, October 16: So then… when is International Nouns Day? International Adjectives Day? International Prepositions Day? Grammarians, stand up and demand equal time! (Can the insanity end, please?)

Spirit Day, October 17, sponsored by GLAAD: Kids and teachers are instructed to wear purple. Like the Day of Silence coming in April, this day also highlights the bullying of students who choose to identify as homosexual or gender-deviant. Always remember that in the parlance of these radicals, “bullying” includes your and my constitutional right to object, even in a very polite way, to these behaviors.

Under LGBTQ tyranny no dissention will be tolerated.

So there’s what we may have missed already. But don’t worry! There’s plenty still to come.

Transgender Awareness Week, November 12-19: Another week to portray gender rebellious people as the victims of society at large.

Transgender Day of Awareness, November 20: This day focuses on victims of “anti-transgender violence.” Murder is always a hate crime—there are no loving murders. But while murder is always wrong, so are spurious and unsubstantiated accusations. This day was created to honor a victim, Rita Hester, who was stabbed by an unknown assailant. Rita, a biological male, was reportedly a prostitute (pro-trans-ideology groups are generally okay with prostitution, which they call “sex work.”) and his murder remains unsolved. So no one actually knows the motivation behind the murder. The goal of this manipulative event is to attack hetero-normativity (traditional male/female sexuality) and binary male/female biology.

No Name-Calling Week, January 20-27: Usually held in middle schools, hypocrisy is all over this one, because LGBTQ activists regularly unleash ugly slurs about anyone who disagrees with their demands. And anyway, shouldn’t every single day of every single school year be a No-Name-Calling Day?

Transgender Day of Visibility, March 31: Another misleading holiday. Is promoting gender confusion ever the answer? No. Children are being encouraged to seek permanent physical mutilation through this unconscionable movement.

(See the excellent work of the Kelsey Coalition.)

Day of Silence, April 24: This is the high holy day of LGBTQ activism that targets impressionable children. It’s a diabolically clever message, combining victim posturing (“We are always silenced!!”) with guilt and shaming for any student who doesn’t affirm every message coming down from the national LGBTQ behemoth.

International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia, May 17: It’s apparently felt that kids haven’t had enough LGBTQ indoctrination yet this school year.

Harvey Milk Day, May 22: Politician Harvey Milk, proud and open predator of teen boys, is honored as an LGBTQ martyr. Harvey was murdered not over his open homosexuality, but over an unrelated political dispute, yet students are taught to recognize

him as a victim of homophobia.

LGBTQ Pride Month, June. What used to be the month of weddings has morphed into the month of Gay Pride everywhere, all the time: rainbow flags on buildings, Pride lessons in classrooms, and the celebration of homosexuality and transgenderism all the time you’re not sleeping or dead.

We encourage you to put these events on your calendar, not to celebrate them, but to prepare your kids who will be forced to celebrate them at school. For some of the more egregious and compulsory events it’s helpful to remember that children have a number of expected absences figured into schools’ attendance policies. It’s always good to be aware of that number, and a quick call to your school’s front office can provide you that.

APC will try to give parents a heads-up a few days before each of these events, to remind you that a special indoctrination day is coming up at your school.

We’re hoping that soon APS and the NEA will consider math, reading, and science to be higher priorities than teaching kids that seven of our past presidents (including JFK!) were probably gay. (They probably weren’t.)

As always, thank you for all you’re doing to keep children safe in our increasingly unsafe public schools.

* * *

Thanks to Mission America ( for contributions to this post.


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