Support For Parents With Kids Who Identify as Transgender

Since its inception in March 2019 Arlington Parent Coalition (APC) has dedicated its efforts toward fighting for evidence-based school policies that treat all students fairly, and toward supporting parents with information about and support toward keeping their children safe in public schools, in Arlington as well as around the nation. To those ends we have worked with teachers, counselors, educational and clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and attorneys to develop resources to support parents whose children have self-identified as transgender.

The following documents are intended to be used as helpful suggestions based on research, best practices, anecdotes/experience, and commonsense wisdom, but not legal advice or guarantee of outcome. All of APC's resources are free for use by parents and community members. Feel most free to share any of these documents with anyone you know who may find them useful. All can be viewed and downloaded at the links provided.

If Your Child Says S/he's Transgender

This article offers insights, suggestions, and resources for parents who question and/or are not comfortable with the transition-affirmation-only model of care for gender-dysphoric children.

Parenting Siblings of Transgender-Identified Children

This article offers insights, suggestions, and resources for guiding and supporting the siblings of transgender-identified children, who may have very specific and individualized needs.

Finding a Gender-Critical Therapist

This article offers suggestions for finding and vetting potential therapists for a gender-confused or gender-dysphoric child, with an eye toward finding a mental health professional who will not blindly affirm gender transition.

The following document is intended for all parents of children in a government (or any) school, where the parent is concerned that the school does not respect parental authority on issues around sexuality and gender.

Keeping Your Child Safe in Public School

This article outlines measures parents can take to attempt to prevent their children being exposed to controversial/ unacceptable material at school.

Thank you for all you do to protect children and make sure they receive the best and most fact-based education possible. Please don't hesitate to reach out to APC if we can be of any help to you.

The Arlington Parent Coalition Team