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Yes, They Taught Your Kids This

Updated: May 26, 2019

Apologies in advance for sending another blog post to your inbox so quickly after the last one, but we didn’t think this could wait.

An APC parent came across these materials this week in a ninth-grade student’s homework folder. The student’s parents do not speak English as a first language, and they had no idea this was being taught:

In addition to the two pages photographed, there were also two graphic handouts, one of which was the genderbread person:

There was also a questionnaire about what the student’s ideal relationship would look like.

Why do fourteen- and fifteen-year-olds need to spend time at school mapping out their sexual life schemata?

This lesson—with at least five handouts—is no random bit of trivia that an imprudent teacher tossed in because s/he needed to fill some time (as if teachers have spare time to fill). This comes straight from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRCF), the funding, policy, & lobby organization for LGBTQ interests.

The genderbread person graphic comes from Sam Killerman, who created both the website It’s Pronounced Metrosexual, and the website Safe Zone Project. The HRCF uses Killerman's materials, including the genderbread person and the gender unicorn (we’ve also heard there’s a new gender elephant) in their trainings and educational materials through Welcoming Schools. But here’s what the Safe Zone Project had to say about whether their curriculum materials are evidence-based:

In other words, they don’t care to waste time finding out if their curricula materials are valid or what outcomes they might produce in those to whom the curricula is exposed.

This is the definition of reckless, baseless, and foolhardy curriculum development. And APS administrators have embraced these unconscionable purveyors of pop-culture ideology with open arms.

APS administrators are not doing their jobs.

Please share this post widely: on social media, with your friends and family, to everyone who has a child or knows a child in public school. This isn’t just happening in Arlington; it is a nation-wide propaganda drive that seeks to redefine human sexuality and child development on its own terms—its own deceptive and destructive terms.

Check with your kids. Look in their backpacks and folders. Find out what they’re being taught. Send in an Opt-Out that tells your school you want no sexuality or gender propaganda taught to your children at school.

And keep sending those letters and making phone calls to APS. APS teachers and administrators work for us. And they need to remember that.


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